Horsehair Broom

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Minimum quantity for "Horsehair Broom" is 1.

Our horsehair brooms are made of Swiss beechwood and are guaranteed to be equipped with 100% horsehair. Thus, the classic felting is prevented as much as possible. The stocking was carefully collected and bundled by bundles of bundles, hand-made by blind people. The ideal place of use for horsehair brooms are smooth and dry soils with fine dirt.

Pure, genuine horsehair is a high-quality material that can not be surpassed in quality, but also has a comparatively higher price. Therefore, on the "free" mass market, there are no 100% horsehair brooms. However, we are convinced that the much longer lifetime and especially the outstanding wiping quality more than make up for the additional price.

Length available:

  • 30 cm   (11,8 inch)
  • 40 cm   (15,75 inch)
  • 50 cm   (19,68 inch)
  • 60 cm   (23,62 inch)
  • 80 cm   (31,49 inch)
  • 100 cm (39,37 inch)
  • 120 cm (47,14 inch)

Lengths 30/40/50 cm (11,8/15,75/19,68 inch) have a hole detection, i. the stem (see accessories) is inserted there in 90 °. Lengths from 60 cm (23,62 inch) are designed for a handle holder (see accessories), which has a 45 ° angle, so that the broom can be easily pushed in front of him. 

FSC Schweizer Holz
40 cm
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