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Beautiful and qualitatively outstanding wicker baskets, all carefully made by hand in Switzerland by visually impaired and blind people.

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Very convenient and at the same time beautiful storage basket for keys , wallet, mobile phone and other small things that are otherwise loosely lying around and often can not be found if you need them. Careful Swiss craftsmanship of visually impaired people, where you will surely have your...
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CHF 204.50
Lovely filling basket in wicker work for the office desk with two levels and sidelong finish in sanded wood. Available in natural color or blue pickeled. This filling basket is a piece of jewellery on every office desk and is clear silhouettet against every other simple basket in plastic.
VariationDINA4 natur
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CHF 88.50
These baskets (Kratten) are specially made from natural willow for picking berries and cherries. Handles are attached to each basket so that it can be attached to a trouser belt or carried over the shoulder using a shoulder strap. Also suitable as a mushroom basket, Gutzi basket for the dog on...
VariationBerry-Basket H:25cm D:19cm
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CHF 179.50
Beautiful all-purpose basket for storing every conceivable item. Made of willow wood with wreath and woven base. Also very suitable as decoration for e.g. bakeries, greengrocer's stores etc., especially as the outstanding quality is immediately noticeable and makes the goods presented look very...
ColourBright Wicker SizeL:50cm, B:30cm, H15cm
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CHF 362.00
This transport basket is very suitable for larger volumes of e.g. garden waste. High-quality Swiss craftsmanship by blind and visually impaired people. Material: unpeeled willow. Two narrow wooden slats are attached to the woven base so that the basket cannot scrape through during continuous...
SizeH:65 D:65-52cm
Very elegant and useful fireplace-basket in semi-circle design, manufactured in native meadow with distinctive beautiful carrying handel. Best choice for everone who as a small to middle sized fireplace or a so called swedish iron wood burner in the living room. Carfully handcraft manufactured...
DimensionenHalbrund SizeB:46cm T:40cm H:20cm(40cm inkl.Henkel)
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CHF 291.00
Classic, very beautiful and very solidly made wicker fire baskets in various models. All have a solid wooden base so that bark and small pieces of wood cannot fall through onto the floor. Carefully made by hand by blind and visually impaired people in Switzerland. Models: Fireplace basket...
ColourDark Wicker
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Decorative and high-quality wicker bread basket with a birch wood base. A pure Swiss product, carefully made by hand. Available in a light or brown finish . Thanks to the natural willow, you can be sure that the bread has not been affected by any woodworking products. (Unfortunately, this is...
ColourBrown Wicker
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The perfect basket for all garden waste or wood for the fireplace for temporary storage. Or on the bar for wine bottles and so on. Lasts a lifetime! High-quality Swiss craftsmanship by blind and visually impaired people. Material: unpeeled willow. Two narrow wooden slats are attached to the...
SizeH:33cm D:45/63cm
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Very decorative willow ball made of natural willow. Makes a great decoration in any bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway, entryway and also very nice to look at in any garden. A decoration that attracts every eye. Carefully handcrafted by Swiss visually impaired. Available in three sizes:...
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CHF 275.50
Traditional square wicker arm basket, hand-woven by blind and visually impaired people in Switzerland from natural willow. Ideal for shopping, collecting, decorating, storing etc.  The angular design also makes it very stable, e.g. on the back seat of a car.  Very solid design! Dimensions:...
SizeL:46cm B:35cm H:26cm
Nostalgic looking and very elegant oval serving tray made of willow with a continuous bottom made of wood and two incorporated hole handles.Serving is a real pleasure with this beautiful serving board! Colors: Bright or brown Size: length 50 cm, width 34 cm
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