Paint Brush

Pinsel in vielen Breiten und Formen

Brushes for every application in many different sizes. Enamel brushes, paint brushes, radiator brushes, baker's brushes. All brushes with wooden handle.

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Classic egg yolk brush made of beech wood, double-row natural bristles, drawn in by hand. Can of course also be used for brushing meat with marinade or oil.
The ideal brush for classic painting work . For all areas of application, wooden handle in  bristle width 40 mm.
Width40 mm
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With this special brush with an extra long handle , you can effortlessly reach even hard-to-reach areas. The flat brush head enables precise work. Wooden handle in five different bristle widths. Widths available: 20 mm / 30 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm / 60 mm
Width20 mm
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The classic brush . Suitable for all paints. For all areas of application, wooden handle. Available in eight different bristle widths: 15mm / 20mm/ 25 mm/ 30 mm/ 40 mm/ 50 mm/ 60 mm/ 75 mm
Width15 mm
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High quality brush especially for enamel paints . Because the bristles are flat, very precise work is also possible. For all areas of application, wooden handle in three different bristle sizes. - 10 mm ( 0,39"") - 13 mm ( 0,51"") - 16 mm ( 0,63"")
Width13 cm


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