Cleaning textiles

In this section you will find the most important textiles when it comes to cleaning. Dishcloths, floor rags, microfiber cloths.

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CHF 13.50
High-quality microfiber cloths in Ultra quality for guaranteed streak-free cleaning . The microfiber cloths lie very comfortably in the hand and wipe sparkling clean without long back and forth wiping. Whether in the kitchen , e.g. on the glass ceramic hob or the smooth granite sideboard...
Textile ColorGreen VariationKitchen Area
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CHF 18.00
Robust washcloths or cleaning rags in high quality.  Thanks to the light waffle structure, these washcloths are very absorbent and clean accordingly. Available in 5 different colors: white , blue, green, orange, red. The set unit is 5 pieces of one color. If you only want one piece per...
Textile ColorWhite Verpackungseinheit5 pcs
CHF 6.50
Robust and very good quality rags ( also called Feudel) to absorb the soil wet or damp. The two long sides are corded extra thick and the wiping area is twice as tightly woven for a long service life and the best wiping result. Material 100% cotton, washable at 95 ° . 


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