Jass Set in Box mit Schiefertafel

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Lovely complete Swiss Jass-Set for the passionate Card Player of Swiss Jass game and also perfect for every restaurant regulars' table. Solid box made in Swiss beech wood with four storage bins and chalkboard for "Schieber" resp. given playground for "Coiffeur". Closed by the chalboard,...
MaterialBeechwood SizeB 25 cm H 4,5 cm T:8 cm
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Expansion for two people for the DOG game. The expansion has the colors white and black. The marbles for this are already included in the basic version.
Brändi Kings Dog
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- Letztes  Stück - Nussbaum-Design, 4 Spieler
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Building blocks in various simple shapes (for the growing architect), with which simple but meaningful structures can be put together in a creative and learning-intensive way.  Material untreated sanded beech. Contents 27 pieces of different timbers with a cross-section of approx. 5 x 5 cm....
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obust wheelbarrow for children made of beech and fir wood. Screwed together, stained in color and painted natural with a very sturdy wheel. Length 100 cm.
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Very robust play tractor made of solid beech wood, painted red and with real rubber tread tires and hitch at the front and rear. Also steerable! Length approx. 23 cm. No Matchbox car can keep up.  Please also note the matching trailer and the manure barrel in the accessories.
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Matching trailer for the robust play tractor
Building blocks for creative and learning-intensive handling of geometric figures made of wood. Material beech, sanded and supplied in a jute bag. Contents 100 different building blocks with a cross-section of approx. 3 x 3 cm. Total weight 10 kg. All wooden pieces are of course carefully made...
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Lovingly individually handmade animals made of wood, sanded, painted and varnished. Contents 12 pieces: 2 cows 1 muni 1 calf 2 goats 1 pig 3 piglets 1 horse 1 dog. Also fits very well with our play farm.


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