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Brändi Kings Dog
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- Letztes  Stück - Nussbaum-Design, 4 Spieler
Blockkerzen Stearin
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Very beautiful block candles made from 100% stearin (palm oil)1), a naturally renewable plant-based raw material. The candles all have a crystalline surface. Burning time up to 60 hours and soot-free! When burning, a fine wax grid remains on the edge, which gives the candles a special windlight...
Candle colorCurry Candle Size65 x 100 mm
Arvenkissen, Zirbenkissen mit Reisverschluss
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A pillow, as it can not be better! The Swiss stone pine shavings (FSC certified) ensure a deep and relaxed sleep . The Swiss pure new wool pellets absorb moisture during sleep and give it off again during the day. In addition, they ensure a long-lasting volume of the pillow. The...
HolzherkunftFSC Schweizer Holz Size65 cm x 65 cm
Flaschenkorb Holz
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This bottle basket is the ideal utensil for safely bringing up to 4 bottles up from the cellar at the same time. Thanks to its attractive design, it can also be used very decoratively in the living room as temporary storage.


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