Handles and holders

Besenstiele und Stielhalter

Matching handles and holders for our brooms and water sliders

Hygienic handle made of anodized aluminum for water slides with 6-hole mounting.
Stiellänge145 cm
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CHF 47.50
Very practical wall holder for all brooms and water sliders. The rail is made of stainless steel, the holders are made of plastic. With this holder you not only have a clean order , but your brooms live longer , because the bristles are not pressed in when standing on the floor.
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CHF 14.00
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CHF 6.50
Metal floss for bamboo broom
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CHF 7.50
Metal handle holder for our 1m and 1.2m wide floor wipers. Fits all FSC beech wood handles 160 / 2.5 cm, see accessories. The scope of delivery includes a high-quality nail for the patent holder
Broom handle made of 100% FSC beech wood raw, conical at one end. Fits all floor wipers (whether variant with or without handle holder), with the exception of the professional broom and Erika resp. Bamboo whisk. Please note that some countries have restrictions regarding shipment of large...
Broom handle made of aluminum with fixed patented holder, which is sealed to the handle with silicone to ensure hygiene when using the hygiene broom. Length 140 cm. Ideal for use with our hygiene broom.
Stiellänge140 cm
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CHF 19.50
Broom handle made of untreated ash wood, conical at one end. Only fits the professional street broom. Not suitable for all other brooms , heather or bamboo brooms and water sliders.
StielaufnahmeLarge patent handle holder, 45° Stiellänge180 cm
Very sturdy patent holder made of metal for our professional broom with handle 160/3 cm. The scope of delivery includes a screw for connecting stem holder - handle and a carriage bolt for connecting stem holder - broom. Tip: drill a 1mm hole into the stem first (not necessary, but recommended).
Handle holder made of metal for our floor wipers (depending on model, see article description). Fits all stems FSC beech wood 150 / 2.5 cm (59/9,8 inch) , see accessories. The delivery includes a high quality nail for the patent holder.
HolzherkunftFSC Schweizer Holz Materialmetal


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