Brushes, Shoebrush

Brushes for every conceivable application, e.g. wet areas, kitchens, offices, shoes, dairies, clothing, etc.

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This quality grill brush made of Swiss beech wood with narrow brass bristles is ideal for removing oily, greasy dirt, e.g. from a grill grate. All bristles are drawn in by hand and linked by visually impaired and blind people.
BorstenmaterialMessing HolzherkunftFSC Schweizer Holz
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Handeinzug, Schweizer Buche
ColourLight HolzherkunftFSC Schweizer Holz
CHF 30.50
Noble clothes brush made of Swiss beech wood, lacquered and densely fitted with hand-pulled 100% natural bristles. This clothes brush is not only a gem, but of course fulfills its purpose of gentle, but thorough cleaning of clothes in a very good way.
HolzherkunftFSC Schweizer Holz
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CHF 20.00
Shoe brush made of Swiss beech wood. Especially suitable for removing loam and dirt on the sole. With the sharp wedge even stubborn lumps can be easily removed . The stockings was care carefully collected and bundled by bundles of bundles, handpicked by blind fellow human beings. Union...
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Very practical brush for cleaning bottles, jugs, water jugs, teapots, termos bottles or vases. Depending on the shape of the object to be cleaned, the bottle cleaner is recommended with a straight head, with a fan (three different sizes) or with a round tuft. Available in the following...
DimensionenBüschel 50 mm
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CHF 19.50
Classic sweeping brush / cleaning brush made of Swiss beech wood for cleaning wet surfaces, hiking boots etc. The bristles have been carefully drawn in and linked by hand, bundle by bundle, by blind people. Two different bristle materials and two different models to choose from. Bristle...
BorstenmaterialUnion (normal hart)
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Material: Fiber, Handeinzug
BorstenmaterialNatur-Fiber (halb-hart)
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No more stained fingers when applying shoe polish with a cloth. With these practical brushes for light and dark-colored shoes and the pointed brush to apply the crème precisely to the edges, shining shoes is clean and easy. Available in the following versions: light dark pointed All...
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Even though many homes have radiators in the floor, this versatile brush is also suitable for other objects in addition to wall heating, e.g. car rims, window blinds or as a dust brush. The bristles are made of tried and tested horsehair and the handle is made of Swiss beech wood. Made by hand...
BorstenmaterialRosshaar HolzherkunftFSC Schweizer Holz


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